Wednesday, 04 April 2007

Keep away from cars.

As you all should know, my grandmother's car broke. So she took my car away 'cause she's weak and needs power steering. So I was driving the evil red thing and having problems with it. Then, last week, there was happy news. The white one was fixed. Yay! Except, the white one wasn't fixed properly. So I have to get the evil-red-thing back :(

Easter weekend coming up, with lots of public holidays. Button and I might have gone camping, but that didn't happen so we're going to head down to Miller's with the mom...

At the moment I'm at work, though not feeling so good. I'm not going to stay too long, 'cause I feel icky and I need to finish the marking by tomorrow. I am considering breaking into Sarah's office to print the labels. It wouldn't really be breaking in, since I can just unlock the door and walk in and she said I could, but it feels weird to do that... So probably I'll just finish off the boxes that I'm busy with and then hopefully she'll be back and I can go in and print while she's actually there... I hope she is successful in her attempts to hook me up to a printer.

In even better news - the doors have been painted yellow [on our floor at any rate], but loads of people complained and now they can't paint the walls the same colours. Thank [insert deity] for small favours! At least we're not the floor that got stuck with hospital green. That's the library floor. Right now I don't spend much time up there...

Last night's game was ... interesting. We negotiated with the Ratlings for the return of the statue and fan stolen from the geisha shrine. Then we negotatied some more over a couple of human 'cubs', which we decided to let them keep for now. Kamenosuke's horse was out of control on the way home. So we helped him. Which he didn't appreciate. I spent a while meditating on my recent period of peacefulness. This is apparently the wrong thing to do. The evening was anything but peaceful and I now have to write a very hurried letter to my grandmother to beg for her assistance.

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