Tuesday, 10 April 2007


On Thursday I headed off to my doctor's appointment with Button. I took Button in with me 'cause he's useful and remembers things that are relevant, which I do not. I now have an appointment to see a rheumatologist in May. Lucky me.

We spent the weekend at Miller's with mom and dad. It was fun. We saw a little more of Fred than I would have liked, but it cannot be helped. And, thanks to the food room, he didn't manage to run off with too much. The whole family [except Bandie and Phil] were down on Sunday, for too much chocolate. Button and I played flux with Megan, Selan and Kiri and Skip-bo with the girls [Selan had lost interest by then]. He and I also took a walk over to Miller's Point - he'd brought us a copy of an archaeological survey done there a few years ago and we wanted to check out the shell midden. Selan came with us and was much more communicative than he usually is.

I am now at varstiy and motivated to do some work! But I need to get my hands on some plumber's tape first. Oh well, I can practice buretting today... a frightening prospect. Why? Because there are no short burettes. So I have to use a long one. In a fume cupboard... All of which add up to not much fun.

However, there's a game tonight, and that's fun. At least, I think there is...