Tuesday, 03 April 2007

cleaning out

I have been hard at work at the museum all morning. Now I'm taking a brief break and considering some tea. I've done some cataloguing and cleaned out the unused office that I'm going to be moving into. It's very important that I have an office that I can lock so that I can leave boxes that I'm busy with in there safely. You have to be very careful when working with human remains. Now, all I need is an actual key and someone to tell me how to hook the computer up to the internet so that I can email the labels to SW. Had a nice chat to Petra [sp?] this morning - she's also just moved from volunteer to employee.

Overall, the weekend was nice. On Friday Button and I went to see Proof at the Artscape Arena. It took me a while to wrap my head around the lead male. David Turner playing an arrogant, shy mathematician? It was a very thought-provoking play. Button wants to see the movie now, but I'm not so sure. On Saturday we bought some pots for our plants... and Sunday was also a relatively lazy day. We went to the final Kirstenbosch concert. It was Shawn Phillips. I know a couple of his songs from my dad's cds. I even like one or two. Unfortunately he doesn't do very well live. Perhaps it's because he's getting old now. It didn't help that they were filming it for a dvd so everything had to be absolutely perfect. Within the first hour at least a third of the audience had walked out. Button and I didn't take too long to follow. Still, we had a lovely picnic with each other, on a lovely day in a lovely place and walked all over the gardens with much enjoyment. So thank you dad, for the tickets.

Roleplaying tonight [it's moved...]


So, I am now installed in my new lockable office. It feels weird... Nice though, to have somewhere [almost] all my own. I have a key, working internet... what more could a girl need? Ah. Well. It would be nice if I could figure out how to make the air-conditioning work, but that's not so important right now. Back to work.

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