Friday, 13 April 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

So, there was a game on Tuesday. It was fun. Lots of fun - Kamenosuke has agreed to assist me in warding off a potential marriage should my family manage to come to some sort of agreement [very unlikely, since they struggle to get along and none of them particularly like me anyway. Except for my grandmother who doesn't think I should get married yet]. He sent Toki a reasonably appropriate reply - it wasn't quite the straightforward "bugger off and leave me alone you skanky peasant" that I'd hoped for, but I'm sure she'll get the message.

I was a little late for the game 'cause MP was giving the ArchSoc talk, and Button and I went to see that. It was good and a good thing we did 'cause it's important to see people face-to-face when discussing business opportunities. Besides which, I like her. The talk was reasonably interesting - not quite as interesting as NC's talk was, but then MP was mostly discussing historical stuff that I'm not really interested in.

Wednesday I tried to do some belly-dancing. It didn't work particularly well since I couldn't do any of the arms. Very upsetting. I blame mom's attempt at reiki just before, which resulted in a very painful wrist and elbow. On the other hand, that particular hand has been better since then, so perhaps I should get my reiki the day before dancing... Or something.

I spent Wednesday and yesterday morning working at the museum. I feel like I got lots done and when SW gets back and sees all the labels that have been printed since she left, I think she'll agree. Possibly she'll just agree anyway 'cause she seems to think I work very quickly. Possibly this says less about me than about the other people she works with... But I don't know who I'm being compared to, so I can't say for sure.

My burettes [ordered on Wednesday] arrived yesterday, just before the ert prac Katharine and I had been dreading. There's a particularly rowdy group of young gentlemen in it. The most disruptive one wasn't there and they all seem to respond reasonably well to my attempts to make them figure stuff out for themselves. The burettes are a little tall still, but if I could get the fuem cupboard to open up all the way it would be less of a problem. I also need to find a way to make it straight... perhaps I'll ask John.

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