Tuesday, 06 March 2007

Too much bone powder in the mill...

So, I cleaned out the rather dirty mill this morning. The main reason it's dirty is that SC was running plant samples and the first time the mill was used the tube broke. I, however, am using stainless steel tubes, as the plasticky ones seem to contaminate the bone samples. Anyway, there was a suspicion back when IN was doing some work on this, that some of the powder was being lost. So I milled some fresh bone this morning. It was necessary as my powder sample keeps getting smaller and smaller - at least some of which is due to me not being very well-practised in the art of transferring bone powder to different containers.

However, on inspecting the mill about two to two-and-a-half hours after finishing the milling, there was a white powder quite thickly coated on the bottom of the mill. We suspect this is bone powder, particularly given the smell. Some of it has been scraped up for testing, just to be sure. This means that before I can do any more milling, which is my next step, I need to somehow figure out a way to stop the tubes from leaking. "That's easy," I hear you cry, "just tape up the ends." Yes, well, a noble suggestion indeed, except that the liquid nitrogen will have an affect on the tape that will lead to it being totally and utterly useless. The current plan is to somehow squish the ends of the tubes so that the ends are less easy to get in and out and, hopefully, so that they don't leak in the mill.

[Dear Phil and Whatsit, I hope that was clear enough? Have I left out any important details without realising it?]

Anyway, last night we had our roleplaying game. It was fun. I won't go into too much detail, 'cause I don't remember most of it. What I remember mostly is Waynne creating his character in the background [a Lion!], Nagataka [Sean] still being hard at work on the roof [he's sick again, poor thing], Yashamaru [Lucas] getting a crash course in polite behaviour from Kamenosuke [Simon] ... I think I helped a little. And, of course, Kamenosuke getting some letters suggesting the most prudent thing to strive for during the local Winter Court.

Afterwards, Waynne wanted to hang around and discuss super-secret character stuff with Adrianna. Lucas and I, however, abandoned Simon in spite of his offer of tea, on the grounds that we wanted to get some sleep. Yes. Well. I arrived home without incident. And then I proceeded to do what I do every Monday night. I was tired. I did not feel like walking up the stairs. One of the lifts was at the ground floor. So I got in. BIG mistake! The doors of these rather antiquated chambers closed and ... nothing happened. Unfortunately these particular examples of elevatory technology do not have that handy "open doors" button. I pressed every single button at least twice, played around with the doors and when nothing still happened, I phoned Button. After getting the security guard, who got the supervisor's wife [who actually does more of the work than he does and yet is still just referred to as his wife for some reason...], who rescued me with a screwdriver. She also explained that the reason the lift was broken was because the people had been there to fix it.


Varen said...

much better miss wall. the bone saga makes complete sense..

now if someone can only explain the live roleplaying game , how does it work ? what are the rules ? how do you win ?

phillygirl said...

Yeah, way better Peeby! But I did get all the background at dinner on Sat ;) My day has been fulfilled, I can go home now ;)

Btw. sorry to hear about your lift experience ... prob as scary as mom getting stuck in the loo at Marg & Gum's when she was little !! Glad you're safe & sound ... how'd we ever survive without cellphones ??

akika said...

I'm glad to see I'm meeting your high standards at last!

Okay, this is not a live action roleplaying game. That [commonly known as a LARP] is where we all are given characters, dress up as those characters and enter a given situation and interact with each other as our characters.

What I've been talking about is a table-top roleplaying campaign. We each make a character that is part of this group for whatever reason. The DM [in this case, Adrianna] tells the story, and is the NPCs [non-player characters], we go on adventures.
For example, last night Kamenosuke [Simon's character] received some letters. He chose to make certain information available to the whole party, but he added other information when he spoke to me as we have a background history...
For more information go to http://claws.za.net/TheTome/HomePage and have a look around.