Monday, 05 March 2007

Oops... I appear to have forgotten a title!

So, I need to do still more milling. And, sadly, I need to add in more bone chunks as bone powder tends to get a little lost. This will involve cleaning the spex mill and obtaining more liquid nitrogen... aren't I just thrilled? Or maybe I'll wait a bit and see if any powder actually went through the mill first... I think that's unlikely though.

Otherwise, the weekend happened. On Friday Simon and Adrianna joined us for samurai movies, or, really, movie, since we only watched Seven Samurai for 3.5 hours. It was fun though, and they left with Haruhi and left us with a bunch of stuff. The only thing memorable about Saturday, was dinner at Beluga with Mom, Dad, Phil and Whatsit [and Button, of course]. It was nice, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Sunday was a long day. Button and I drove over to mom's house, to spend the day with the whole family. Mom, Dad, Phil, Whatsit, Marga, Gummy, Bandie, Richard, Terence, Margit, Megan, Selan and Kiri. It was fun - in addition to just being a general gathering, there was a mild celebration of Mom, Richard and Megan's birthdays. And, of course, having not seen the littles since I got back from the States, they got things from over there. Selan was too engrossed with his projection kit to join us in learning how to play Fluxx, which I bought for Megs. She [and all the rest of us] enjoyed that and there was Skip-Bo for Kiri, which she particularly asked for.

And that's been my life so far. Roleplaying tonight, which is exciting, though all I really want to do is go home and pretend that the world doesn't exist.

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