Thursday, 29 March 2007


Today I am going to take my supervisor's advice and give up on my search for a short burette in the department. I shall go and purchase one from chemical stores, just like she told me to.

I am glad to see that [so far] my range of marks is pretty much the same as that for the other tutors... makes me feel a little better about those really low ones.

I don't have anything else to say, actually, the entire point of this post is to say that there are photos up from the most recent larp [Chrysalids I], which has a delightful sequence of me and michelle as she tries to remove talcum powder from my hair.


Varen said...

hmm.. aky i have some questions :

first off why oh why do all the girls have crosses stuck to them ? are they afraid you're inside bits will fall out ? :)

second : who is the jesus looking fella ?

third : is it a requirement for boys to have long hair to play ?

and finally who broke that poor boy's arm ? is larping a contact sport ?

these are questions on the lips of the nation :)


akika said...

The LARP is based on a book or books called Chrysalids.
The crosses indicate that we are women and not deviants ... or something.
The one who looks like jesus, is my darling little wombat, ask phil.
Some of the boys had short hair, but most of them have long hair 'cause they want to.
My grandson's arm was broken, but Dom [who was playing him] did not have a broken arm. The arm was broken when he disobeyed his father [my eldest son] and went off hunting deviants... or something.

Varen said...

i thought all woman were deviants /*ducks*/ kidding..

the long hair must be a capetown thing.

as for the rest of it... umm. i think i'll stick to back gammon ;-) don't think i'd be able to larp without giggling.

any news on the medical issues -- you need House.

akika said...

larps tend to involve lots of giggling... they're great fun.

it may be a cape town thing, I don't know.

news on the medical issues were posted here - there have been no updates since...

Lucas said...

the crosses protect the woman from the lures of the devil