Thursday, 22 March 2007

Rainy day on campus

And at least I can hope that the LN won't evaporate so quickly in this weather... Though I'd imagine that since it's only a few degrees cooler, it's not that much closer to -196.

On Monday we had our game, Yashamaru was indisposed due to Lucas having food poisoning. The rest of us, however, did battle with chickipedes. And the answer to that is don't ask, you don't want to know. Ishie is the only one who didn't get a little baby chickipede near her ... or mommy for that matter. And she managed to keep Kamenosuke from being injured, so she's happy. She learnt a new spell, so next time she'll be able to actually injure someone. She learnt how to defend herself from watching Kamenosuke do it [or something...], he won't always be around, regardless of what he may think on the subject. She also, finally, acquired 'medicine' as a skill, something I'd imagine would be useful if you're going to have someone continually getting injured on your behalf.
In other news, Hideo will be coming with us, since he's heading off to winter court anyway and wants to help out with strange stuff. He seems confused by Kamenosuke, but hasn't managed to make him angry enough to fight... Nagataka is being his usual self...

So, yesterday was a public holiday in which I did just about nothing except watch all 5 million hours of MP1. It's more like 5.5 hours, but it just doesn't sound the same. Button had to work, but we had a very nice evening together and watched some of Cowboy Bebop.

And now, it's time to locate some more LN. Lucky me.

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phillygirl said...

Peeby, my darling leetle sis, who I love in spite of everything, you are one weird chick.