Friday, 02 March 2007

merry march

Having recently reread the Alcott books I possess, I find that title funny.

I am a little bit annoyed... I had to remill my sample, which was not my idea of a good time. hopefully this time some of it will go through the sieve... once I've found a thingie for the sieve to sit on, so that it doesn't all leak over the sides of the beaker... and that bloody woman in chemical stores keeps assuming that I'm there to buy a lab coat. I have one! Perhaps next time I should wear it...

In other, not so exciting news... Nick arrived. Luckily he seems to be wanting to have a vacation, so Button is not being run ragged, for a change. And tonight Simon and Adrianna are coming to visit for the express purpose of watching samurai movies... The other invitees were unable to attend, which is possibly a good thing, as I don't think there would have been quite enough space.

Of course, the evil post office seems to have sent my movies to PE... bastards. They better get it back post-haste!

However, Adrianna tells me that we shall have a Waynne join our game... and she's telling me precious little else... which just makes it more intriguing, I suppose. Not that it needs to be, I'm already excited. For a start, he's going to have to get there early, to generate a character, on monday. Which means that there might be someone else there when I arrive! That's kind of exciting too. I don't know why though.
Sadly, Thursday's game was cancelled due to illness and piles of work on the part of two of the players... so Conrad has shortened it and is making it a one-session module, for next week. We hope.

My weekends continue to be fully booked. No wonder I never get any sleep.

I had other things to say but, as usual, I've forgotten them.

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