Monday, 12 March 2007

been a while

So, I have lots to say. I believe I last wrote last Tuesday...

Not much, I went to Genevieve's talk, which was very interesting, wrt her isotopic data. I want to get my grubby little paws on it, but it's questionable whether or not I'll be able to find her with somewhere to put the files.

Belly dancing, yay! It was fun.

Monique, Dave[sharpe], Duncan and I had lunch at Kaplan Centre. It was very nice. Lara was supposed to join us, but she was sadly very sick and not around. Following that, Dave and Duncan came up to see my bone-crusher, and attempted to help me solve some problems. Like the worthless stainless steel tubes that keep falling apart and leaking all over the place. Or, at the very least, all over the mill. JL had suggested wedging the thing with paper, so Dave did that. Then Duncan came with me to obtain some liquid nitrogen and we did it again. I was, unfortunately, optimistic. The morning's milling had not gone well [it came apart! We squished the ends so that I could barely get the things in and out and it came apart!], but I had high hopes of the afternoon's. Hours later [when it had warmed up], I went to check it. The tube stayed together. Yay! There was no powder in the tube. All the powder was at the bottom of the mill. Cue crankiness.
If you wish to see me using the mill, etc, go to Duncan's flickr page, where there are pictures.

In the evening, Amy, Conrad, Dave[again], Tai and I went over to Lara and Dave[Maclay]'s for roleplaying. I'd never played UA before. It was much fun. And, I realised that I didn't have to go in anywhere on Friday. It was good.

What a lovely day. I woke up latish [well, it was after 8, on a week day!], lazed around briefly. Did some work on the catalogue for SW... Then, I wandered down to the post office. I wanted to know if my package had returned from PE yet. At first the guy said 'no', but was going to find out when it was going to arrive. Then it was apparently at the back. Yay! Except that they couldn't find it, because it wasn't there. It's still on the way. They will call me when they get it back. I watched a movie, I read my book, I made nasty wordsearches for Amy... It was a nice day, I wish I had more like it.

Button went off hiking in the morning. I was picked up by Amy and whisked off to Lara's [in a surprisingly safe fashion, considering what I'd heard about Amy's driving] for the conclusion of our game. It was cool. I think I might like UA.
After the game, Tai, Dave & Dave, Conrad and I went to Cavendish, because we had some time to kill before Duncan's braai and Tai [not attending the braai] had to go shopping. There we saw Nick Hanslo.
Then, we headed off to a braai, and listened [repeatedly, I might add] to Marcia talking about Dave [Sharpe] and Yancke's packages. It was fun, particularly since Button showed up eventually. He and Someone-whose-name-I-can't-spell went to Khayalitsha for their weekly meeting, which took Yancke by surprise, at least, 'cause he didn't realise Button was serious. It was only Yancke, however, 'cause he was the only one who asked Button why he'd been there. And, I got to have a nice chat with Sean before going home.

A lazy day. Just the way I like them. We barely left the house, due to the profusion of touristy types hanging around our neighbourhood, due to the cycle race thing.

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