Friday, 16 February 2007

we shall see

I had a hard day yesterday. I was so excited on Wednesday, when the car seemed to be fixed. I'm far more cynical now. The car seems to be fixed [again] and it has lasted over night, so I'm hopeful that it will continue to stay fixed. It's entirely possible that such a thing could happen.

Anyway, on Wednesday, it was valentine's day. In celebration, Button and I took a taxi home, rather than walking across town. We also watched Shinobi which was fun. Until the end bit. I didn't approve. It was not a happy movie. It was a very good, very pretty movie. But it was not a happy movie. It was not the right movie for that day.

Yesterday the car got fixed in time for me to go to dancing, where I saw an Amy. It was only on Wednesday that we discovered [through Conrad] that we'd both been doing dancing with Tenille for a very long time and yet had never managed to see each other there...

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