Monday, 12 February 2007

time for a change

The defatting solution needs to be changed, so here I am obnoxiously early. I bumped into Charlie on the Shuttle, so I had a nice chat with him. Otherwise the department is pretty empty. I might wander down to the claws stand later on, see if it's worthwhile to give them money.

In other [way more exciting] news, today is Button's first day at SAHRA. That is the South African Heritage Resource Agency and very important to us archaeologists. Hopefully he'll have stuff to do, and more importantly, hopefully he'll leave there in time to fetch me from the museum so that I can get to roleplaying on time. Or half an hour early, which is what 'on time' seems to mean.

On Saturday Button and I went to see 'Everybody else is f**king perfect'. It was fun. I enjoyed it particularly because a girl I did drama with in high school was in it. Unsurprisingly she was the best of us all - not even Debbie could dampen her ability. Button and I are having some trouble working out exactly what the message behind it all was [and it certainly had one, we're just not sure what it was]. I also got to meet Brent, who is a reviewer of such things and is friends with Andrew and now Button.

Sunday saw a day of games with Simon, Adrianna, Neil and Kevin - who I bumped into on campus last week, much to my surprise. I don't know why I was surprised, but I was. Anyway, we played lots of games and had fun. We even had to break out the zombie dogs. It was cool. I particularly enjoyed Kill Dr. Lucky once I got the hang of it. It took a little while [though nowhere near as long as Gang of Four], but I'm sure it'll stick now.

And I'm very sorry to say that there's no more belly sweat. I'm quite upset about that. But it can't be helped. There's still dancing though, so that's something.


Apparently Ian changed it for me on Sunday and I can just leave it alone until tomorrow... Oh well.


After much searching I finally found the CLAWstand. And I signed up. I couldn't help myself. They're tucked out of sight, amongst [surprise, surprise] all the religious societies. But if you're looking for them, you'll find them. And I'm in CLAWmarks, a number of times. It was quite shocking.

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