Wednesday, 28 February 2007


The only possible way to describe an experience I had yesterday, is surreal. While I would like to say that this woman only came up to my shoulder, I'm fairly sure that the top of her head was at eye-level. But it was so very strange to be walking around talking to someone, surrounded by enormous centrifuges, constantly looking down. I realise that the rest of you do it constantly to me, but I've never done it before and it's so very, very strange!

Anyway, so we had a nice long chat about the centrifuges and what I needed to know and what she needed to know and when things would happen and how and so on and so forth... Ian located the sieves for me - a large variety of different sizes... unfortunately the mesh I have appears to be 25 microns, so that's a bit of a problem.

Duncan came up on campus yesterday, to visit ... we wandered over to Lara's office and ended up discussing the options of using miller's for LARPs, which I'd personally love to do. She seems keen, so hopefully it'll happen.

Not much has been going on otherwise ... Button and I watched Brick last night, which was a lovely movie about the criminal underworld at a high school. If only the people didn't mumble... Button tells me that for him the language was very jarring the first time he saw it, as modern high school kids tend not to speak in 40's slang, or any of the other ways that the actors spoke. I didn't notice though, so it was okay.

Belly tonight, game tomorrow, philly on friday...

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