Friday, 09 February 2007

stinky bones, in the rain

After a long night of little sleep, off went Button and I to the post office. His parents had sent a package - though until we had collected it, we had no idea. Then we went off to the butcher. The femur was cut up and we went off to the museum. I left Button there and went to Hiddingh. The shuttle that left South Stop [upper campus] at 9:20, probably should have arrived at Hiddingh at about 9:45. I arrived at Hiddingh at about 10:15 and yet still managed to catch that shuttle. Why? Because it didn't arrive until 11:45. Thank you, parliament.

Once here, I popped the marrow out of the middle of two of my pieces, scraped off the membranes and put them into defatting solution. And there they will stay until I change it on Monday... So now I should be busy with papers, but I forgot to bring them with me. I could go home, but I don't want to leave too early. So I shall stay here and find things to amuse myself with.

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