Tuesday, 20 February 2007

slightly less happy tuesday

I missed yesterday's seminar because I was using a bandsaw. You know, those things that butchers use to cut through meat and bone. I was using it to cut through bone.

Anyway, there was roleplaying. Ishie [me] got a short lecture from Kamenosuke [simon] about why exactly he's supposed to be in front of me. We got home, the swords were unhappy. Yashamaru [lucas] and Nagataka [sean] went off to fetch Keiko from the village. Then I got another lecture from my dead father. All went well, however, until the cranky ghost came back and started throwing things. Kamenosuke managed to reopen his wounds with a writing desk, much to my annoyance. I very happily forgave him for 'not fulfilling his duty' since he didn't give me another lecture for going on ahead. To be fair, he was unconscious at the time.

More importantly - do you evr find yourself talking to someone you don't know very well? And then you tell them things that you wouldn't tell the people closer to you? Why do people do that? I must stop chatting on gmail, I'm sure it's unhealthy.

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