Tuesday, 13 February 2007

slightly appeased

I had a long and cranky rant, but I have been slightly appeased by my free coke and some time spent at the CLAWstand [it worries me when people I don't know say "Andrea? Oh I've heard that name..." and then refuse to elaborate. They always say it's nothing to worry about but I don't believe them]. The little bit of time spent changing the defatting solution helped. Ian's a bit of a whirlwind at times, but he's very helpful and knows where everything is. I like him. It helps that he's friendly.

So. I was roleplaying last night, as usual. I'll talk more about that later, but for now we'll skip to the end of the evening. Sean wasn't there and Lucas had to leave early, so it was just me leaving late. I went to my car. Not the nice happy white car. No. A brick fell off a truck on to my grandmother's shiny new car and so she has the nice white one till hers is fixed. So Button and I have that evil red thing. It was fine for days. It was fine, in fact, until last night. It did not want to start. Until Simon kindly offered to fetch his car to try and jump start mine. Once he'd gone to get his car, the worthless, contrary contraption decided to start. I arrived home safely. This morning, after too little sleep, Button was unsurprised to find that the car wouldn't start. I was surprised, but it's not a difficult thing to do. So, Button and I [already late, I might add] decided to walk... There is a reason why we weren't using it in the first place. Although, the nice white car does have a tendency to refuse to start for Button.

Back to roleplaying... Nagataka [Sean] was sick. Kamenosuke [Simon] was injured. Clearly he does not understand that he should stay away from geisha. They're trouble. To be fair I would have probably been injured if he hadn't put himself in front of me, but as I understand it, that's what he's supposed to do, while I do cast spells from behind. That's how we trained, anyway. Yashamaru [Lucas] ran off after the geisha and injured her. We weren't there, but he lost his hinges and started muttering [or yelling, depending on how you look at it] about the darkness and trying to set everything on fire, including some poor injured ronin who probably didn't deserve it. While Nagataka and Yashamaru were indisposed in the Inn, Kamenosuke and I executed some criminals. Well, two of them took poison and I watched Kamenosuke execute the other. Then we spent a couple of days watching bodies be dug up out of the orchards. It was a trying time. I blame the geisha.
It was a lot more complex at the time, but this is the simple, completely unbiased and totally objective summary.

I am now cranky. I want to go home and sleep and eat biscuits. Or, perhaps, sit at the CLAWstand and smile at people as they go by. I do not want to go to the museum and do work. I do not want to walk home. I want to crawl into bed and hide from the world. At least until I've had a little bit more sleep, some food and am much less cranky. One might argue that the CLAWstand is not the best place for someone like this to be, but we have a reputation to uphold...


Lucas said...

in my defence, the ronin was combustible. is that my fault?

i thought not.

akika said...

you're not supposed to try to kill them unless they attack you.
and trying to set poor innocent shugenja alight is just nasty. you're lucky you weren't close, things might have gotten very unfriendly.