Tuesday, 06 February 2007

I was wrong, and I can admit it.

It is not that the ITS department hates me, or is trying to make my life difficult in any way. Amazing as it may seem, it's not their fault my password wouldn't work. It is possibly their fault for not saying "You are clearly an idiot with no real comprehension of how the system works - have you checked the context to make sure it's on 'students' and not 'staff'?" I'm willing to concede the idea that I'm smarter than them since I figured it out and they didn't, but that's not the point.

In other news, I now have nothing to do here and should go back to the museum and do some work there. Hopefully Sarah will be able to pay me soon. Also, hopefully I will be able to get all the boxes done before Fred Grine pitches up on the 15th. Well, not all the boxes, just the ones that he wants to look at. Unfortunately I was having trouble saving labels when I was there this morning, so it doesn't look like I'm going to have a fun afternoon...

Roleplaying last night was fun, even if poor Kamenosuke doesn't know how to conduct himself appropriately around worthless, fawning young females [and some not-so-young ones, for that matter]. It was nice to have Nagataka returned from illness. He leaves a huge gaping hole of zealous fundamentalism wide open when he goes away. Aren't we lucky that he found someone to share his blinding passion. And, for that matter, it was nice to have a reasonably spirit-free session for a change. Although, I can't be sure whether I prefer mild exasperation at spirits or righteous indignation on Kamenosuke's behalf.

Button has buggered off to Geelbek with Andrew today. Someone's digging a swimming pool, by hand, over three days, and they've gone to check out what's happening, since it's right next to their site. Hopefully they won't be gone too long.

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