Monday, 19 February 2007

Happy Monday

I like Mondays. I always have. It's easy to be happy on a Friday. It takes some sort of skill to be happy on a Monday. Today, however, was unusually challenging for me. It started off by waking up alone. I presumed that this meant that I'd slept through Button saying goodbye and was a terrible person. He was just hiding, actually, and came and woke me up a bit later. Then, we had to leave in half an hour in order not to be late. This was good, 'cause I'm prone to panic in the mornings ["we haven't done this, we need to do this later..."]. Of course, then we had to wander around town, trying to find parking. This caused a large amount of consternation. However, we did eventually find some and it wasn't too much of a walk [otherwise we might as well park at home]. The shuttle came quickly and I had a nice chat with one of the guys I met when the shuttle took forever to arrive a couple of Fridays ago.

And, of course, there's rolepaying tonight. Yay. I am excited!

So ... what have I done lately. On Friday, Button and I went to see Truth in Translation at the Baxter. It was well worth seeing, all about the truth commission. I think it's a completely different experience for someone like me, who didn't watch the truth commission, someone who did and someone who actually experienced the things it talks about. And quite possibly for foreigners as well. If you want a critic's real opinion, go to the real review, where he'll eventually post on it. [sometimes that link works, sometimes it doesn't, don't blame me, just try again later.]

Saturday saw the house get [mostly] cleaned, and then it was off to mom and dad's for supper. We went off to Jonkershuis, at Groot Constantia, for mom's birthday dinner. There was more cleaning yesterday, aside from which I did next to nothing... We watched the second episode of Read Or Die ... we're having trouble deciding whether or not it's fun and entertaining, or just plain silly. Well, it's certainly entertaining, or we wouldn't still be watching it, the rest remains to be decided on.

Happy Actual Birthday, Mom.

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