Wednesday, 24 January 2007

unfriendly car

So, I am sitting at work, not doing any work. I should not even be on the internet. Why not? Because I left my glasses at home and am swiftly causing myself a raging headache. Button has ever so sweetly wandered off home to fetch them [and take care of a few other things].

I'm also waiting for some labels to be printed, which seems unlikely to happen, as Sarah does not seem to be here. This is perfectly fine, but I don't particularly want to take all these boxes back to the store and then have to take them all down again when the new labels are printed... Oh well, these things happen. Not everything can happen in the most efficient way possible all the time. I guess this means I should get off the computer and do something that won't cause me pain - like rearrange the boxes in my office, and then fetch some more...

Last night Button and I went to the Labia, to see The Queen. I rather enjoyed it, despite the fact that it's a ridiculously silly movie. I wonder if it was commissioned by Tony Blair, since it seems to serve the express purpose of reminding the British people how wonderful he is and how much they all loved him at first. All in all I think it was well cast, with a few exceptions. I thought Philip in particular was well done.

While at the Labia, we bumped into Michelle, who was at school with me. It was nice to catch up with her briefly. After the movie, we went for a drive over Kloof Nek, partly in hopes of seeing the comet again and partly because it was such a lovely evening.

For some reason, the car doesn't like Button. Since we've come back there have been 3 occasions [2 this morning] where the car simply will not start for him. But it will for me. We don't understand it, since we don't do anything differently at all... and now poor Button has to walk back to work.

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