Monday, 08 January 2007


Right, well, once again I don't really remember what I've been up to since last posting... Everything begins to blend together after a while. We went into Chinatown where I found mom's teapot [which is Japanese, I know, but it was there]. I also [unsurprisingly] found a few things for mom. There was some stuff for me as well. I enjoyed it, even while being there all by myself, braving the world.

Later that afternoon we went to see Pan's Labyrinth. I saw the preview. It looked like fun. And it was. Nothing like watching someone smash another's face with a bottle for sheer joyful entertainment... But aside from the torturous scenes it was lovely. We were considering some theatre afterwards, but poor Ben was feeling really awful, so we decided to come home and make supper. Later that evening, Steven and I took a walk down to the Hudson river, which was nice, though a little cold.

Yesterday we had breakfast at a diner, which was nice. We then wandered over to the Met, to look at yet more art. It was fun - the Egyptian Temple was definitely worth visiting and I got to see actual real mummies. They were still wrapped up [which is the best way to preserve them], which was a little disappointing. There was other cool stuff as well, but nothing really spectacular.

We then wandered over to Eugene's, where we played the zombie game with him and Piggy [a girl, who apparently has a boyfriend, but won't admit it.]. I won, but I think it was only because Eugene engineered it that way. It was fun anyway. After that we went out for supper at a nearby Japanese restaurant, which was cool. Especially since I got to see Eugene speak actual Japanese. Afterwards it was home for ice cream and a movie [Kakurenbo]. Piggy left after that and we were going to watch Samurai Fiction, but we watched Zone videos for a bit instead, Steven made some silly suggestions that resulted in him and Eugene whimpering like lost little puppies and then we watched a bit of Samurai Fiction and a bit of something else, the name of which I forget.

Today we're probably going to try see the Bodies exhibit [the museums are all closed today, so it's the only thing we could see], find some gay braces for gummy and possibly a few other presents for other people ... like Adrianna, who is having a birthday right after we get back. And they're playing without me today grrr.... We've made an appointment to see Teresa tomorrow, which is literally an appointment, since it will involve hair stuff happening to me.

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