Friday, 05 January 2007

Reward for tissues.

I have lost my tissues! I cannot find them anywhere. They're somewhere in this house [Benjamin's house]. If you know where they are, tell me. If they're really there I will .... say nice things about you? Another equally fascinating piece of information: Eugene doesn't like dark chocolate.

The weather is miserable again, but I'm feeling better. On Wednesday we went to strand books - 18 miles of books and I couldn't remember who I wanted to buy a book for, or which book I wanted to buy them. Until later that evening, that is. Either way, a fabulous place, full of books. We also went to Takashimaya to see if we could find mom's teapot. We didn't, but Eugene will enquire of his japanese friends.

Yesterday we spent actual time with Benjamin. We went to the Whitney art museum, it was cool. Particularly since they were showing an exhibition of Picasso's influence on American artists and Steven and I had seen the exhibition in CT of Africa's influence on Picasso. After that, Ben had an appointment, so we wandered across central park to see Eugene. That was cool. And since B&S were off to a meeting that night, E lent me a bunch of anime to amuse myself with. I didn't get very far though, I think it's the kind of anime I need to watch with other people.

We also stopped by Forbidden Planet [I think on Wednesday?], and I now have the first volume of Kabuki. Yay!

There's not much else to say. The guys are off running errands, while I have a lazy morning at home. We may go toy shopping with Eugene later. Ooh, they're home! Apparently they found a lovely shop full of teapots and other things I will love and other shops that I want to go to. But we don't get to go there today...


akika said...

for those of you who care enough to read this - my tissues have been found ... so ... uh ... oh steven, you're so wonderful?

The Old Man said...

If you cannot find the Teapots try
Roosevelt Field Mall
630 Old Country Rd. #4836
Garden City, NY 11530
Phone: 516-248-1276 ds
Fax: 516-248-2183

They have the ones you are looking for.

akika said...

Apparently that's in New York State, not City ... but the teapot was acquired today in Chinatown, so it doesn't really make a difference.

phillygirl said...

Peeby, I don't like dark chocolate either ... although if it's all that's available, i won't say no ;) so i guess i like it a teeny bit more than white chocolate - blegh!