Wednesday, 03 January 2007

new york, new york

so, after an uneventful new year's eve spent packing and playing quiddler with steven's parents, we arose at an unearthly hour, to catch a bus to new york. we slept on the bus. it was a miserable, grey and rainy day. consequently I did not get to see the famous skyline, the city crept up on us and we got a brief glimpse of part of it just before entering the tunnel. we found our way to benjamin's, and let ourselves in because he was out getting coffee. he arrived as we were hauling our huge amounts of luggage up the stairs.

We had brunch at a little french place, cafe henri. It was very nice - good food, though a little too close to the door for this particular person. we spent the day doing very little. it was a quiet day all around for new york, none of the bustle that one expects. in the late afternoon, ben went to visit a friend of his [he had some catching up to do, having been in minnesota for christmas and only arriving back on the 31st]. in the evening [after a lovely supper of ... pasta], we went off to visit eugene. eugene lives in a tiny little place that is full of treasures. I say tiny, but I think it's the same size as where I live. the point, however, is the treasures. shelves filled with manga, anime, ordinary movies, tv shows, figurines... all sorts of good things. we played some [video] games, watched some anime [Love Hina], talked about games and anime. And, of course, we saw his Haruhi stuff. I don't think it's fair that he gets haruhi stuff and I don't. Not that I particularly want a mikuru-bunny-girl, but that's not the point.

Yesterday we did the american museum of natural history. 'cause we just can't get enough of museums. we didn't do it all, there wasn't time. we'll go back another day. we stopped at joe's for coffee on the way home and then had supper with benjamin, at cafe mogador. it's a moroccan restaurant. it was fabulous. the food was lovely, the tea was brilliant. all round a wonderful experience.

today we're having a bit of a lazy day 'cause I'm sick of being sick and I'm hoping that a day of not too much stuff will make it better... one can hope. we'll probably go out and do a bit of shopping later. maybe try and find mom's teapot.

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