Friday, 19 January 2007

lucas, I am your mother.

I think he doesn't know. And I think that Garrick doesn't know either. I think it will be fun.

Anyway, I am back at work. Trying to sort out all my email and get everything up to date before I start trying to work out where I am and what needs to be done... But that's going well.

So, we arrived in Joburg and saw phillydilly and whatsit. She liked her ipod. Then we [finally] came home. The flights were not as bad as they could have been and the sedatives helped. Mom and Dad picked us up and took us home. Then we pottered about for a while before going to bed. The next day it was dad's birthday, so we went out for supper with them. That was nice. I don't remember what happened on Sunday, but I'm sure it was wonderful.

on Monday Button went to work and I stayed at home 'cause I was still feeling a bit sick and I wanted to get the house a little tidier. Needless to say it's still a complete and utter mess. That evening there was roleplaying, which was nice. I enjoyed it. I particularly enjoyed the extremely innocent conversation we had about Mike. Whatever they told you, they're making it up. The cake was good, too. We ended the very exciting session with a promise from Adrianna that next week we will definitely be arriving at the estates. No, really. I don't believe a word of it - I know she's plotted a million and one more disturbing events for the trip through the wilderness.

Tuesday through Thursday saw me at Miller's with Sally. It was fun. There was swimming, a complete lack of either baboons or scorpions [of any size], only one dead seal and an utterly fascinating dead fish. Well, I found it fascinating. Sally lost no time in informing me that anything that is dead and still has flesh is both gross and disgusting. Shells are not because although they're dead, they don't have any stinky, decaying flesh left. Anyway, it was a rather big reddish coloured fish and should not have been swimming around those rock pools. So how did it get there? I have no idea. I don't know how it died either, but I don't think it had been there long and it had quite a big hole in it. The eye was gone as well and all the little fish were swimming about feasting. I could even look into the hole and see fish inside it. It was great.

In other news, Sally and I played some games. We played Tsuro, which was fun but I think would be even more fun with more than two people. We also played Quiddler. She seemed to enjoy it, so we played quite a bit of it. I like it, so I wasn't complaining. I read Wonderful Life, which I borrowed from Simon last year... But since I wasn't about to take it to the other side of the world since I might forget to bring it back, I think that's okay. It was about the Burgess Shale and what it did for evolutionary theory, among other things. Very interesting. I've always liked Gould as a writer.

Yesterday we came back home, which was a bit of a nightmare as half the traffic lights weren't working. She dropped back into her hectic holiday schedule and I went home and read No Bone Unturned. It was about the man behind the Kennewick Man lawsuit and why that was so very important. Since I don't know very much about North American archaeology, it was very interesting to me. In the evening I started Guns, Germs and Steel, which I've always meant to read and now can since Button owns it. I like Diamond's writing as well - both he and Gould are very readable.

So now I'm at work... tonight it's Adrianna's birthday party, so maybe I'll be able to borrow that other book they've got. I mean, oh how nice it will be to see all the people that will be there. And it will, I'm sure of it.


phillygirl said...

when did steven get demoted to "Button" ... at least I assume it's him you're refering to.
ps. whatsit enjoyed his mention ;)

akika said...

it is ... and it just kind of happened, because I decided that it should.

phillygirl said...

I guess you'll have to change your links to "Button's Blog" then ;) It is quite cute ...