Wednesday, 10 January 2007

last day in New York

Steven and Benjamin have gone off to the MoMA and I am sitting at home. Why? Because I am sick. And miserable. I feel like I've been sick the whole time I've been here. I got sick, I seemed to be getting better and then .... I got sick again. So I'm not very happy. If there's one thing I will not appreciate, it's a 26 hour flight, while sick!

Anyway, I'm at home resting, while they wander about in the absolute freezingness. It's the coldest it's been the whole time I've been here. It's even supposed to snow... I went out this morning [though we probably didn't leave the house before noon, someone sleeps a lot when she's sick] with Steven - we went off to Chinatown to pick up a couple of things... one or two presents and a very pretty scarf for me. And a bag for my dice. Now that I have more dice, my little tin won't be big enough and I need something else.

We met up with Eugene, he had lunch with Erin [I'm not entirely sure who she is, but I think it's his ex-partner's sister] and was in the neighbourhood [by which I mean that he was downtown and not about 90 blocks uptown, like he usually is]. There are too many parentheses, so I'm going to start a whole new sentence. We met up with Eugene, and Steven was hungry, so we had some lunch. Well, Steven did, I had a [very] late breakfast, so I just had some very lemony tea and we sat and chatted with Eugene and tried to convince him to come and visit us.

We will hopefully see Teresa tomorrow - it's her day off, but she's still feeling awful, so it may or may not happen. We're going to spend tomorrow packing and then begin the long journey home.

Last night we went to see a play with Benjamin, that was very enjoyable and well done, despite how awful I was feeling, so it must have been very good, since I'm usually pretty cranky and impossible to please at times like that. Tonight Steven and I are going to the opera - to see La Triviata. It will be good.

And now, I'm going to try and get some sleep.


phillygirl said...

Hey Peeby. Have a safe flight home :) and don't forget my iPod!

akika said...

iPod? What iPod? I don't know what you're talking about.