Thursday, 28 December 2006

phone home

Trying to phone your family at christmas time is always notoriously difficult. Even worse when you're calling a cellphone with little reception. Phil was fine, mom was more difficult. But I guess Phil wasn't somewhere that has no reception... getting onto landlines is easier, as long as the number exists! Who would have thought that getting hold of the grandparents would be so difficult? At least for some of them, you just have to call them twice.

In other news, the little ones are leaving today. So we're staying at home and spending some time with them [except for when we're hiding out phoning and blogging... and chatting over gmail...]. Yesterday we went to a mall and a couple of other shops. It was fun. We went to a restaurant similar to the Spur for lunch, for comparison. It was nice and very much like the Spur. I forget what it was called, but I'm sure Steven remembers. We wandered about the mall doing all sorts of things. We spotted something that I thought might be nice for mom, but didn't buy it. We looked at coats for me and found both coats that fit, coats of good quality and coats that I liked. We did not find one that had all three attributes. We also went to staples. Staples is a wonderful place, full of stationery. It made me happy.

I was less happy the day before [boxing day], when I spent 5 hours vomiting uncontrollably. luckily that subsided eventually. it started with a sore throat, and I still have a sore throat. luckily I'm not the only sick one. other people are sick too. but I was the one that was throwing up...

I don't have much else to say. Christmas was fun. It rained all day. I spoke to Phil and Mom et al down at millers. We had some excitement with the smell of something burning and the sounds of sirens relatively close by, but we never solved the mystery completely... And as for the Christmas lights, we've seen some spectacular places, but most people here are normal and moderate in their decorations.

simon is an evil person. he sent me this link to a word association game, it reminds me of the movie we just watched. it was called word play and it's about nytimes crossword puzzles. I like puzzles, especially crosswrods.

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