Sunday, 24 December 2006

oodles of kiddie fun

So, Kathy, Alec, Lydia (5.5) and Chloe (2.5) arrived. Chaos ensued, as you would expect with little ones facing strange grown-ups. It's very strange to me that I'm a grown-up, but there it is. I even got to sit at the grown-ups table once at my aunt and uncle's house. that was strange. Phil and I always sit at the kiddies table with our cousins, no matter how old we are. but I digress.

In the morning [the yesterday morning] there was shopping. I went to a target which was weird. I don't know how to explain what it is, so go have a look. We bought loads of clothes. they were cheap, much cheaper than at home. So we got some pants, plenty of tops, a few warm tops [one of which is currently causing me to broil] and a couple of pairs of tights.

then, we came home, kathy and alec had some christmas shopping to finish up. we took steven's parents and the girls to a movie. while they were there we went for a walk in a local nature park, which was wonderful. but while we were in the cars, guess who ended up reading to the little ones? that is correct. it was me. it was fun, though a little tiring. the evening saw lots of playing with them, which was fun. especially when they decided that they wanted to be tacos. naturally there are pictures to be found on steven's blog. not necessarily all of them yet, but some at least...

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dystopia said...

coincidently, target is the sponsor for our client's observation deck in new york. you should have a look, when you are there. if nothing else, the system that sells the tickets will blow you away