Sunday, 31 December 2006

happy new years eve

It's new year's eve. Isn't that exciting. Tonight I get to stay up really late and tomorrow I get to get up really early to get on a bus to go to new york. Lots of people are going out, having parties, getting drunk and doing stupid things. Other people are staying at home with the blankets over their heads until the madness goes away... Which is not me, really. We will not be going out. If we were going up to NY today, we'd be going to some dance with Ben [or staying at home and playing games with Eugene]. However, we're going to be spending the evening with Steven's parents. Since they are both sick, I can't imagine that they'll be wanting to stay up all night. And since I'm also still sick, I don't particularly want to go out. I did hear of a scheme [for those of you in CT] for spending the evening on a boat in table bay. And if I was at home, I'd be doing that. My parents are having the usual crowd over, which is where I was last year. Of course, I had to fetch Steven from the airport that night, and I didn't want to drive [and I'm glad I didn't, it was truly horrendous at the airport!]. My sister, for some unknown reason, is on a farm, in the Free State. Which is not really like my sister. But I'm sure she's having fun with all the little piggies or something.

In other news, Steven and I spent yesterday at the Baltimore Aquarium. It was absolutely fantastic. I don't have anything else to say, except go there. Oh, and the rays seemed to like me, which was cool 'cause I liked them. We saw some of the dolphin show from beneath the water [we didn't have tickets, so we couldn't watch on top] and loads of cool frogs. Unfortunately we missed the sloth, the marmosets and the tamarins in the amazon exhibits. The rest was cool. Like the pregnant shark. You should go, it was great.

The day before was spent in Washington DC. This is different to Washington State, which is on the other side of the country. We did more art galleries - I took him to see the peacock room at the freer and we wandered about the sackler for a little while. I wanted to see the exhibit they had on bibles, but there was an hour long queue to get in, so we gave up. We found some cast iron teapots in the shop there, but didn't buy one because there wasn't a wonderful selection [and I had left mom's paper at home and could only remember that she wanted a low one]. We also purchased some postcards, for 3 select groups in CT. The people who don't live in CT will be getting postcards from NY, because they don't have to get there before I get home.

Our next stop was the natural history museum, then on to lunch. We had sandwiches and some clam chowder soup, which was actually very nice. From there we went to look at the museum of the american indian, but didn't go inside. It's a beautiful building and surrounded by lovely things. It opened around this time last year, and is really well thought out in its design. Apparently the inside is nice too. Next on our stop was the air and space museum. That was very cool. we looked at a few exhibits and then I spent some time in the shop. I found something for me, something for mom and a present for my other cousin. Then, it was back to natural history, which we managed to see everything in because a few exhibits were closed. We came away from there with four or five new books.

We decided on the way home to go out for supper and see a movie. We bought tickets for night at the museum and then looked for somewhere to eat. We started out at Hops, based on a recommendation. I can only presume that the woman had never been there herself. About half the tables were empty, but we were informed that there would be a ten minute wait. When we were seated, we looked at the menu and waited for someone to come and take our order. Eventually one of the assistant cooks came out, covered in food stuff, wandering from table to table, trying to deliver an order. He found the table, but was told that the order was [half]wrong, so went back to the kitchen to check. He came back and told the man that this was his food, but they'd made a mistake and so were only starting on his partner's food now. At this point, we walked out.

We were now a little worried about the time, but the next place we tried had an enormous queue, so we went next door, to Tony Roma. There we had to sit for about 15 minutes before we got a table, but we looked at the menu and made our decision. We told the waitress that we were now a little rushed and she was wonderful. For anyone who ever goes there, her name was Morgan. After we ordered, we got our drinks and then the food was on the table in a mere 14 minutes. She brought us the bill while we were eating, so that we wouldn't have to wait. In the end, we were out of there in about half an hour and had ample time before the movie started. The movie itself was better than I was expecting. It was a ridiculous movie, but fun.

The day before that [we're now back on the 28th, I think], was the day that steven's sister's family went back home. After they left, we went shopping. We found a nice, bright red coat for me, that actually fits. It's not quite what I was looking for, so we're still looking a bit, but it's something. That was also the night that we went to legends. That was great fun, even if it proved what a complete and utter geek I am. We bought games, including one for my cousin, we bought manga and we bought some really pretty dice. Really pretty. I'm looking at them now, thinking about how pretty they are. All bluey-grey swirlyness with silver numbers. I like dice. I like games too. We bought fluxx and gang of four. they are cool games. There was another game that we considered, but the guy told us that it's only really fun if you play with at least 6 people, so we decided against it. We bought two board games as well. One, Tsuro, the way of the path, we've played and is fun. It will be lots more fun with more people. The other is about pirates and you need at least 3 people for it, so we haven't tried it yet...

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