Wednesday, 13 December 2006


yay! the museum's internet is finally working properly again! There was none on Monday. I've had email and other stuff all day. Now I finally can get in here! Isn't that exciting? It certainly is for me, but it might not be for you!

So ... what has happened... simon and adrianna came to visit and it was fun. we had four chairs. and we played games. first we played girl genius, which was fun once you got the hang of it. then we played gang of four which took me longer 'cause all the poker stuff is complicated and I don't really understand it... saturday happened. clearly nothing important happened because I don't remember it at all. then there was sunday and we went present shopping. that was fun. especially since we were at the market down the road. I very nearly didn't go because someone was very tired and sleeping in the middle of the day and got rather cranky when someone else decided that she should wake up. next up came monday, which involved work. and then roleplaying. oh and the milk tart crisis, which was finally resolved yesterday. roleplaying was much fun - especially with the middle-aged woman hitting on my little 'brother'... she's probably twice his age! grrrrr.... sadly I don't get any more until I come back. yesterday was there, which I lazed away - I was going to do some writing, which I did, but only in the evening, after I'd been abandoned. We did swim though, which was nice.

So, to today... I got into my email, which was nice. I emailed a couple of people. nothing very exciting... In a week, I will have arrived in the US ... well, if my memory serves me correctly we finally leave the airport at 6am their time, so I don't know what time it'll be there, but there we'll be. Speaking of travellers - Sally left NZ at 7am this morning [which was actually late yesterday afternoon] and will be arriving in Joburg in about an hour. Just a few short minutes after I finish belly dancing, she will be in Cape Town. Isn't that exciting? I bet she's excited. I'll be seeing her on Friday.

In other news, I'm very cranky. CRANKY. very much so. which means that I have nothing interesting to say and even if I did I probably wouldn't tell you.

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