Wednesday, 06 December 2006

exactly so much

exactly one week till sally arrives. exactly two weeks till we arrive in the us... many things seem to happen on belly-dancing nights. which, I'm pleased to say, my sister has taken up again. since she's the one who started it all and then buggered off to joburg.

in other news, I have very little to say. I went to my game and it was fun. Particularly the Yodo-kun and the biwa interlude.

I am currently not reading anything exciting. Well, I'm reading my LotR that steven gave me. it's very pretty.

Yesterday I stayed at home and... finished updating sarah's register, did some reading for my masters ... and not much else. then steven came home and we went swimming 'cause it was hot. and then on the way back upstairs, we met up with lynne, who told us a lovely story about how she'd been burgled exactly four weeks ago and how there had been three [3!!!] burglaries in the building that day. lovely. why aren't all the nosy old women who live there paying attention?

and now I've run out of things to tell you, but I must write myself a list of things to do.

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