Friday, 08 December 2006

Chairs of Happiness

So, where was I last? I was working. So, I did all my work and then I went to belly dancing. It was fun. I like belly dancing. Particularly when Tenille decides that our class is the belly sweat class. I liked belly sweat...

Anyway, after belly dancing, there was sleeping and then it was Thursday. It started off slowly, I was going to sleep a bit late and then do some work once steven had gone to work. of course, he didn't go to his meeting, so he was still there when I woke up. then we had a small discussion about all the things that we need to do before we go... which resulted in him somehow talking me into going out at once to outer limits and scoop. so, we went off to outer limits in the rain. there we saw adeeb and went shopping. I was partly shopping for myself and partly for my cousin for christmas... unfortunately I did not find anything for her, so I shall have to look for it in america. I tried to get mom to go there, since she would have been paying for the gift, but she didn't like that idea very much and I wanted to go myself, but was finding it very difficult to motivate myself to go. I did buy myself [courtesy of simon and adrianna, who are wonderful people] a very pretty d10 and death: the high cost of living which was very pretty and I liked it. we then went to scoop where we bought chairs. there were some that were cheaper, but I like these ones better. and they're a little bit more comfortable. then steven buggered off to work and I took the chairs home and unloaded them ... in the rain! It wasn't very much rain, so I didn't get too wet.

The next step was to head off to Marga's for lunch. so off I went and there was mom, to my lasting surprise. she had told me on wednesday that she wouldn't be there. megan and kiri were there as well, I don't know where selan was - I presumed he was off with a friend or playing soccer or something. anyway, we fed the fish, which was fun and tried to explain to gummy where the fish were - but every time he moved to where we told him he'd be able to see the fish from, the fish moved somewhere else! eventually they were swimming in the middle though, and he could see them. then megs, kiri and I played skip bo - we played three times and we each won once. isn't that nice and fair? we had lunch while we were playing and it was a fun day. then I went home and read death and ate lots of biscuits.... the rest of the day was spent by me not working...

So now, we come to this morning. we started it by going to indofurn to look for the library chair that is going to make up our set of four... but not only did they not have it in stock, but the price has gone up quite a bit... so now we're at the museum and I'm hoping that I'll manage to catch sarah in her office soon. I need some labels from her and I need a little direction... unfortunately sarah is very busy and has millions of meetings all the time and so is very difficult to pin down! otherwise, simon and adrianna are coming to visit this evening, which is quite exciting.

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