Sunday, 17 December 2006

camps bay

Hmm... Sally arrived, we did some work at the museum, we went shopping. there was a lot of shopping. And even though I wasn't going to buy anything, I did. I bought a beautiful little dragon from element [which I love!] and three tops. they're all the same, but I really liked the top, so I bought it in three different colours. Afterwards, we went home and then Steven came home and we went down to the pool and relaxed a bit. Then we took Sally home and went to my parents. First up was mom's office party, followed by supper at the cape town fish market. it was fun, though I was very cold and not feeling so well.

Saturday saw us taking mom and dad off to the airport so that they could go off to Joburg, to see Phil. We then went to pick some stuff up at the museum which involved going off to the art museum across the way, to see a beautiful exhibit, titled invoice, there were also two rather interesting ones about clothing and childhood. From there we went home and spent the day cleaning and packing. It took a long time. We, of course, need to repack everything now, but it's okay. We've got just about everything. In the evening, Sally came over. We played skip bo, had a wonderful supper cooked by Steven, and watched two movies. We watched Ice Age 2, which was very silly but quite fun all the same, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, which I hadn't seen in ages and is always fun.

Today we got up very early. Well, I did at any rate. We all went off to camps bay because my cousin william was filming there. it was all about models and volleyball - the point, however, is that he's being cameraman and will be doing the editing and it's going to be on supersport at some time. Once Steven had met him, he went home to do some more cleaning, pick up the rest of my plants and to meet a friend there. Sally and I spent the morning at the beach - she swam a few times, but mostly we sat around being blasted by sand. The drive home was an experience, but it's all good.

Now, I'm sitting at home, relaxing. I'm not thinking about how I need to do the repacking, or about the fact that we leave on tuesday. not even a little bit. I'm going to do some sudoku puzzles, maybe watch some mindless tv. perhaps I will put some of dad's music onto the iPod that I've adopted now that steven has a new one... I will worry about repacking and so on tomorrow. We'll also be fetching mom and dad tomorrow evening.

So, perhaps this will get more interesting from now on 'cause chances are the next time I come this way will be after I'm in America. it might be a while too...

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