Monday, 27 November 2006


look at that! I'm still not working! who would've thought? what I have been doing is fiddling about with this thing. I figured out how to change the colours. I don't know that I'm happy with it yet ... I was going for autumn colours, with green, apparently, and I'm not sure I've got it right yet. well, I haven't, but I've had enough for now.

I've figured out about the links. which took a while. especially as I happened to be on the phone with my sister. she emailed me, so I emailed her back with the link [she was the second person to get it. sorry phil, but I happened to be emailing megs at the time, so she got it first]... she even posted my first comment. isn't it exciting? well, it is for me.

besides which, I've worked on the register [catalogue], I've done 6 new boxes, as well as more work on the register and the making of labels and so on... I could've done a lot more, but I'm busy being distracted.

and now, I feel that I deserve some chocolate. especially since I've run out of things to do [though my sister's sent me some links to add], which means I must work. or, I could make my character sheet pretty... except, of course, that it's not here! maybe I should waste some more time trying to figure out how to have pretty pictures?

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